Hernia repair


Hernia repair is a surgical procedure used to treat hernia and prevent complications such as bowel strangulation or bowel obstruction.

A hernia is an abnormal protrusion beyond the confinement of the abdominal wall. The hernia sac can be empty or may contain abdominal content such as bowel. Hernia may also occur in the groin, navel or previous scar.

Hernia repair involves the involves the return of abdominal tissue or bowel back into the abdominal cavity and repair of the abdominal wall defect using synthetic mesh. Hernia repair can be conducted under local, spinal or general anaesthesia. The anaesthesia you receive will depend on a number of factors including the location and extent of the hernia, patient health and the surgical technique being used.

The two approaches for hernia mesh repair include:

  • Open hernia repair – where an incision is made through the skin overlying the hernia to gain direct access
  • Laparoscopic hernia repair – a less invasive procedure that uses three to four small incisions for camera insertion and as working channels to repair the hernia

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